Designing for unusual applications takes an innovative approach to problem solving. Vessco UHE have over the years, developed a variety of design routines and tools to supplement the more traditional routes such as ASME and PD5500. Where relevant such routines are supported by a library of Finite Element Analysis records to ensure our clients retain the ultimate peace of mind that equipment is designed safely and for the best possible service life.

With steelmaking picking up again after the global recession, our factories have enjoyed increased activities with innovative design requirements and demanding deadlines for this market. The aggressive working environment created by, for example, the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking process tests the most robust designs, thermally and mechanically. During the first two years of business Vessco UHE produced a variety of equipment for the huge steelmaking plant at nearby Port Talbot, including tanks, ducting systems, dampers, conveyor systems, furnace lance cones, etc. The chemical industry globally is now investing again in new plant and modifications to existing sites.

Vessco UHE has delivered product to the steel industry; agro-chemical, petrochemical and fine chemical plants; waste incineration, recycling and gas distribution industries. Pressure vessels are used in most industries in many different processes and for storage. Vessco UHE has equipment operating in many light and heavy industrial markets in one form or another. The list you’ll receive (in PDF format) by clicking on the request below will demonstrate our claims beyond reasonable doubt.