Tanks & Drums

Vessco UHE produces a variety of shop-built carbon steel and stainless steel storage tanks and drums.

Rectangular Tanks

Rectangular open top or fully enclosed tanks, typically for water storage or water filtration tanks, are manufactured to customer requirements. These typically range from 2mx3mx2m up to 15mx4mx4m in size, the latter holding up to 230,000 litres.

Cylindrical Tanks, Drums & Silos

Cylindrical tanks and drums, also manufactured to customer requirements, again either open top or fully enclosed and vented, vertical or horizontal. Shop-built units can vary from small 1m diameter drums right up to 4.2m diameter by 10m or even 15m in height; the largest of these units can store over 200,000 litres. Most standard storage tanks manufactured range from 10,000 to 80,000 litres.

Engineering Standards

Many British, EU and international construction codes for steel tanks, drums and their accessories currently exist; Vessco UHE will manufacture to the customer’s preferred choice.

  • BS EN 14620-2:2006 (formerly BS7777)
  • BS EN12285
  • BS EN 1993-4-2:2007
  • API 650 ASME

Carbon steel units can be lined, painted or galvanised; with coatings to meet the DWI potable water standards if required.

Speak To Us

Discuss your requirements in person with one of our design engineers. Call us on +91 422 2610835, or email at info@vesscouhe.com

Tanks & Drums
Tanks & Drums
Tanks & Drums
Tanks & Drums
Tanks & Drums